Saturday, March 20, 2010


Pitter-patter, gloomy-grey,
Wiling-wind, wet-dreary day,
But why, my Heart, why the dismay?

Wind-tug tree-twigs tumble toss
Scatter leaves the road across,
But Heart, why pressed at so light loss?

Worry, wonder-wishing-why,
Weakens soul with sagging sigh,
Be strong, my Heart, make no reply.

World washed clear by winter rain
Springs up fresh-green grass again.
So faith unfolds in flinch of pain.

Earth and Heaven yield rich boon:
Plod white path plum-blossom strewn;
Hold silent-sleeping, silk cocoon;
Finger sea-shell, wave-whipped-hewn;
Trace bright silver ring ‘round moon;
Warm summer sun, my Heart, dawns soon.